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Help & Info about Free PDF editor for windows

  • What is Free PDF Editor?

    Free PDF Editor is a free piece of software for editing and customizing PDF files. It is a simple piece of software that can be used to create PDF files from scratch without the need for expensive commercial software for editing PDFs. Users can insert shapes, text, and images into their PDF files with the Free PDF Editor.
  • How to Install Free PDF Editor?

    Unlike most PDF editing software, Free PDF Editor requires no installation to work. To run the program, users only need to download the installer file and execute it. The installer file is small in size and the program itself has low system requirements and requires few machine resources to function properly.
  • Can you open PDF files with Free PDF Editor?

    Unfortunately, Free PDF Editor is strictly for creating and editing PDF files. Pre-existing PDF files cannot be opened and viewed with the Free PDF Editor. The program can only open its own specific file format: the FPE file format. This file format is for PDF files that are being made in the Free PDF Editor.
  • Is Free PDF Editor portable?

    While Free PDF Editor is not strictly characterized as portable, it can certainly be considered as such due to it requiring no installation to use. Its small file size also means users can carry it around in USB sticks with ease. As long as the platform supports Free PDF Editor, it can be launched and used.
  • Is Free PDF Editor safe?

    Downloading and launching Free PDF Editor causes no major issues with system performance. The downloadable EXE file does not come with any malicious content, and using the program required no personal information to be provided to work. No suspicious activities have been linked towards Free PDF Editor when performing its function.
  • Can Free PDF Editor be used commercially?

    Free PDF Editor is a piece of freeware, so it is available for both personal and commercial use completely free of charge. It does not have any terms of use which means there are no restrictions as to who uses it and for what purposes in either personal or commercial enterprises.
  • How to create PDF files with Free PDF Editor?

    Upon launching Free PDF Editor, users will automatically be given a blank page to work with. Users can proceed to insert text, images, and shapes to the page. Once they are satisfied, users can go to the File menu and select Create PDF. They can type a new filename or they can choose an existing PDF file and overwrite it if they wish.
  • How to edit PDF files with Free PDF Editor?

    Free PDF Editor can mainly be used to add text, images, and shapes. This can be done in two ways. The first is by clicking the icons on the toolbar. The second is by going to the Insert menu on the menu bar. For images, Free PDF Editor supports a large selection of file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and more.
  • What platforms is Free PDF Editor available in?

    Free PDF Editor has limited platform support, unfortunately. For desktop users, it is only available for Windows. There are no known versions by the developer for other desktop platforms such as Mac OS or Linux. Mobile devices are not supported at all.
  • How to customize PDF files with Free PDF Editor?

    Users can customize their PDF files with Free PDF Editor. They can add or modify properties such as the Author, Subject, Title, Creation Date, and more. The page dimensions can also be changed by going Page Options under the Page menu. Users can edit the height, width, and margins of their PDF files with the Free PDF Editor.


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